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Our Company

There are many reasons Midland Compounding & Consulting is the right choice to help you.

Our plant is designed to be easy to set up and reconfigure, and our staff has great breadth of expertise. We can quickly configure our facility to meet your development, production or testing needs.

Our customers include small manufacturers and major corporations. And we have decades of experience in meeting their budgets and delivery dates.

If you have a deadline, we can make it happen. Our ability to reconfigure, shift gears and make good decisions on the fly means we can help you meet the tightest schedule.

Our processes are designed to be flexible, allowing us to tailor them to meet the needs of each customer. We have no internal bureaucracy. If you need something, we can make a decision and get moving on it. Fast. Without going through endless “channels.”

If you’d like to know more about the benefits of working with Midland Compounding & Consulting, contact us.

Our People

Our extruding, shredding, testing and molding equipment are all important. But what makes Midland Compounding & Consulting a leader in its field are its people.

Thayer (Ted) Brown

Founder and President

Ted Brown has built a long and diverse career in the plastics industry. For four years, he was in the Technical Service Laboratory at Union Carbide Corporation, where he was involved in the development of vinyl acetate emulsion polymerization resins, urethane and vinyl solution coatings and solvent technology.

He then spent 27 years in various roles in plastic research, production and technical service at The Dow Chemical Company – a worldwide leader in thermoplastic resins. Here his experience included basic polymerization and formulation of vinylidine chloride copolymers, ethyl cellulose, polystyrene, styrene-acrylonitrile copolymers, ABS, polycarbonate and blend systems. He started, built and managed Dow’s Midland color and compounding lab to support the styrenics, polycarbonate and blends resins business.

Ted then spent five years as founder, co-owner and manager of Destiny Plastics, where he engineered and built a facility for blending, compounding, material handling, comprehensive testing and materials development and industrial plastics recycling.

With more than 30 years of experience working with thermoplastics, Ted is an expert on every aspect of compounding – from material properties to industrial process.

A Message from Ted


Jeff Brown

Operations Manager

Jeff graduated from Alma College in 1987. After college, he spent several years working for a real estate developer as a project manager overseeing residential subdivision developments, motel construction and operations and wetland delineation projects. In 1999, he and Ted founded Midland Compounding & Consulting. Since that time, the company has grown from an idea to today’s operation which includes all of the people, machinery, lab and control systems described elsewhere in this website.

Outside of running MCC, Jeff coaches the Midland High School hockey team, coaches (or assists) his three daughters’ soccer teams and occasionally finds time to wet a line or get out in the woods during hunting season.



Chris Surbrook

New Business Development

Chris started in the plastics industry selling additives and other materials for Mica-Tek division of Microfine Minerals Limited as their North American Business Manager . He then served as President and CEO for All Plastics, Inc., and most recently as Chief Scientific Officer for Bordener Engineered Surfaces in Midland, Michigan.




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