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For Immediate Release


NOVI, Michigan (September 4, 2018) – Plastic parts manufacturers can now get commercial quantities of carbon fiber reinforced compound that is also a sustainable material. JM Polymers with the help of Midland Compounding & Consulting, Inc. has developed a new line of carbon fiber reinforced plastic compounds that combine carbon fiber recycled from the Aerospace Industry and nylon 66 recycled from carpet scrap. The new line called FiberX2 will provide green solutions for applications with high strength performance requirements.

The FiberX2 material was developed through a collaboration between Midland Compounding & Consulting and JM Polymers. In 2014, the companies came together to develop a carbon fiber reinforced compound for automotive applications. The initial material was a 40% recycled carbon fiber filled nylon 66 compound. This material was tested to Automotive standards, side-by-side with other prime, and recycled, carbon fiber filled compounds and met competitive performance values. From this, the companies went on to develop materials with 20% and 30% carbon fiber loadings. For more details on FiberX2, go to the website at www.fiberX2.com.

According to Josh Ullrich, JM Polymers president and CEO, the company began working with Ford Motor Co. (Dearborn, MI, US) to develop the product, and they currently are working on several developmental projects at the automaker and to get specified. The company next plans to introduce a grade that is reinforced with 15% fiberglass and 5% carbon fiber. That product will offer slightly better impact and lower cost than the all-carbon grades, albeit at lower stiffness and strength.

Chris Surbrook, New Business Development Manager for Midland Compounding says, “We expect our joint development partnership with JM Polymers to last for some time. We will continue to engineer valuable, sustainable materials that help JM Polymers meet their customers performance requirements.”

Midland Compounding and Consulting, Inc. is a privately-owned company, providing materials formulation expertise, lab scale equipment support, physical property testing capabilities, and processing experience that are ideally suited for developing products from prototype through to pilot production. MCC also recycles post-industrial ABS, ASA, PC, PC/ABS blends, and nylons materials. MC&C consults in the areas of compounding, recycling, testing, and plant layout and design.

JM Polymers is a distributor of commodity and engineering grade plastic raw materials. JMP distributes prime, generic prime, and recycled resins, and also manufactures and markets a full line of engineered plastics under the JM Polymers trade name.