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Quality Solutions for Thermoplastic Compounds and Recycling


Midland Compounding & Consulting (MCC) founded in 1999 by Mr. Thayer (Ted) Brown as a privately held company with the mission to develop and commercialize specialty plastic compounds and to develop unique solutions to difficult recycle opportunities.

Expertise gained over a 45 year career processing, formulating, compounding and marketing is being applied to produce current products for sale. Ted, and his son Jeff, started the company with 1 extrusion line in a 10,000 square feet industrial space.  Over the last 20 years, they have grown to over 50,000 square feet of industrial space, with 3 production lines, lab scale equipment support, physical property testing capabilities, and processing experience that are ideally suited for developing products from prototype through to pilot production.

MCC specializes in post-industrial ABS, ASA, PC, PC/ABS blends, nylons (filled and unfilled), and elastomers. There are 20 people on the team today that comprise a broad range of experience from materials to processing of plastics.


Our vision at Midland Compounding & Consulting is to produce innovative materials in a safe, productive, and profitable operation that meets or exceeds to the expectations of our customers, employees, and stakeholders.

Customers will receive products that are easy to use, offer consistent quality, and meet their safety and performance requirements. Employees see a future for themselves and enjoy working and contributing to the health and growth of the company. All Stakeholders realize profitability and growth that occur as a result of competence, enthusiasm, teamwork and leadership.

Management Team

Thayer "Ted" Brown

Thayer "Ted" Brown


Formed Midland Compounding & Consulting, Inc. in 1999 to develop specialty plastics compounds and to develop unique solutions to difficult recycle opportunities,

Recent commercial successes include development of fire retardant plastic slate like roofing shingles, nontoxic lead replacement compounds for helicopter rotor counterweights and other applications,

Jeff Brown

Jeff Brown

Operations Manager

Jeff has worked for a real estate developer as a project manager overseeing residential subdivision developments, motel construction and operations, and wetland delineation projects.

Jeff coaches the Midland High School hockey team, coaches (or assists) his three daughters’ soccer teams, and occasionally finds time to wet a line or get out in the woods during hunting season.

Chris Surbrook

Chris Surbrook

New Business Development

Chris joined Midland Compounding & Consulting in 2009 as New Business Development. Here he develops sustainable engineered materials for the Automotive, Building & Construction, and Furniture Industries.

He has published 6 technical papers, and participates in technical collaborative studies with the PLASTICS Industry Association and Institute for Scrap Recycling Industry.

A Letter from the President

Welcome from all of us at Midland Compounding & Consulting. Our mission is to provide practical and cost effective compounding, reprocessing of post-industrial plastic materials, testing services and compound (formulation) development.

We specialize in helping innovation happen. Contact us to see how we can help your company innovate.