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Your thermoplastic compounder
Midland Compounding & Consulting is an experienced thermoplastic compounder. Our efficiency and flexibility allow us to create quality products suited to almost any project. We can help engineer and compound materials in batch sizes ranging from 5 – 42,000 pounds. We also produce a wide variety of compounds using myriad fillers and additives.

MCC Contract Manufacturing Services include:

• Toll Compounding of additive, fillers or modifiers into prime polymers. Customer provided formula and raw materials are compounded, tested, and packaged according to customer’s specifications.

• Closed-Loop Recycling of Engineering Grade resins for use back into class A surface appearances. Regrind is pre-tested, melt filtered, tested and certified for use back into the original application. Adjustments to the composition can be made to ensure material conforms to final performance requirements.

We handle: 

• Carbon black and conductive powders
• Color development
• Most normal combustible powders
• Compound materials with relatively low decomposition temperatures, like cellulose and other natural fibers
• Fibers
• Inorganic and organic powders, including fine powders such as fumed silica
• Low-melting-point solids
• Most polymers (excluding PVDC and rigid PVC)
• Reactive compounding, such as peroxides
• Removing volatiles via steam stripping by adding water and venting

We adapt or fabricate new processes to handle other materials. We can fabricate test specimens on a lab scale through injection and compression molding and sheet extrusion.

Processes employed
When it comes to compounding, we employ everything at our disposal to ensure the quality of your final product. Processes include:

• Specialty thermoplastic compounding
• Single screw extrusion
• Twin screw, multiple feed compounding
• Blending
• Drying
• Color control

Additive capabilities 
MCC has feeders that can feed most powders and fibers. We have experience compounding:

• Antimicrobials
• Chopped glass fibers
• Common filers like talc and CaCO3
• Colors (pigments and dyes)
• Flame Retardants
• Liquids
• Metallic powders
• Mineral flakes
• Stabilizers
• Waxes

Materials we work with
We have the expertise and the equipment for toll or proprietary compounding of filled and unfilled versions of:

• Acetal
• Acrylic
• Compound Extrude-able rubbers (Note: We do not have roll mills to handle other forms of rubber.)
• Nylon
• PC
• PE (in its various grades; except UHMWPE)
• PP (in its various grades)
• PPS (on a lab-scale basis)
• PS (GP and HIPS)
• PSU (on a lab-scale basis)
• PVC (Flexible only)

Creating across industries
Our clients include some of the largest manufacturers in the world. You will find products we have compounded in automobiles to airplanes and furniture to fishing line, as well as floors to roofs.

Industries served:

• Aerospace
• Automotive
• Aviation
• Building and construction
• Housing
• Industrial materials
• Marine
• Office furniture

Key benefits:

• Beautiful design
• Optimized performance
• Works at or below budget
• Locally-owned business
• Experienced

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