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Quality Solutions for Thermoplastic Compounds and Recycling

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Whether it’s equipment, operations, or plastic scrap management systems, Midland Compounding & Consulting has decades of experience helping manufacturers of all sizes make their products cost effectively. We offer testing, research, and product development. If you’re planning a product, we’re your partner.

We test your products

We make sure your products are up to par, or better, for both passing government inspections and passing your criteria to make quality products for your clients.

It is not always cost effective for manufacturers to build and maintain testing labs on site. That’s why we offer extensive testing services to save you time, money, space, and maintenance, while ensuring your products are made to be precise and durable.

Testing and development:

We offer a variety of tests that feed into the development process, including:

  • Lab scale compounding
  • Injection molding, ASTM and ISO
  • Testing IZOD, MFR, Tensile, Flex, DTUL, and Ash
  • ASTM, ISO, and Quality Control Testing
  • Formulation Development
  • Post Industrial / Consumer Upgrading
  • Plastics with Metal Characteristics
  • Fillers and Reinforcements

Physical properties testing

We simulate conditions to test how your product would function in the real world over time.

  • Arizona Instrument Computrac® Moisture Analyzer
  • Co-efficient of Linear Thermal Expansion
  • Data Color spectrophotometer
  • U/L 94 Vertical and Horizontal burn test
  • Heat aging
  • Cold temperature testing

ASTM & ISO testing

Quality testing ensures that you both pass governmental product requirements and produce a quality product fit for your customers.

These tests include:

  • Yield Strength
  • Break Strength
  • Yield Elongation
  • Break Elongation
  • Modulus
Ambient & Cold
  • 10” Wide Sheet Extrusion & Co-Extrusion
  • Ash
  • CLTE
  • Color Measurement
  • DTUL (66 & 264 psi)
  • Floating Roller Peel Strength
  • Gardner Impact
  • Melt Flow Rate
  • Moisture Specific
  • Mold Shrinkage
  • Relative Viscosity
  • Sheet Cutting of Testing Specimens
  • Shore Hardness (A & D)
  • Specific Gravity
  • Stress Crack Resistance
  • UL 94 Burn Flow
  • Volatile Content
Testing methods:


  • Tensile Properties  | ASTM D638 / ISO 527-1
  • Flexural Properties  | ASTM D790 / ISO 178
  • Izod Impact  | ASTM D256 / ISO 180
  • Gardner Impact  | ASTM D5420
  • Ash  | ASTM D5630 / ISO 3451
  • Specific Gravity  | ASTM D792 / ISO 1183
  • DTUL  | ASTM D648 / ISO 75
  • Vicat  | ASTM D1525 / ISO 306
  • Hardness  | ASTM D2240 / ISO 868
  • Melt Flow Rate  | ASTM D1238 / ISO 1133
  • Floating Roller Peel  | ASTM D3167
  • Adhesive bond LAC  | ASTM D1183
  • Water Absorption  | ASTM D570 / ISO 62
  • Chemical Resistance  | ASTM D543 / ISO 175
  • Mold Shrinkage  | ASTM D955 / ISO 294-4
  • Relative Viscosity  | ASTM D789-07
We offer advanced material consulting on:

  • Cost-effective measures
  • Compounding technology
  • Color technology
  • Economic evaluation
  • Equipment
  • Formulation development
  • Management of waste material streams
  • Operations
  • Plant layout
  • Plastic scrap management systems
  • Product development
  • Research
  • Specialty polymer systems
  • Testing
    Waste stream management


Quality Controls:

We use quality control measures every step of the process.

Raw materials

We take samples of inbound material and notify you and quarantine the material if it is not acceptable.

In process

We establish test methods and goals for measuring the critical performance metrics during compounding.

Finished goods

We take samples from each container of finished compound and test it according to your prescribed method.


We record the test results and track them by production lot or data book page number. We catalog retains and store them for 6 months after the close of production.

Product Development

Product Design


With decades of experience in every aspect of thermoplastic product design, development, and production, we can help you turn your idea into a viable product. This could mean finding the right formulation for your product’s technical requirements or developing a new compound to improve performance. We live for problem solving!


Our capabilities include formulation development for: 
  • Anti-microbial
  • Chemical resistance
  • CLTE and shrinkage
  • Color
  • Density
  • Filler reinforcement
  • Stiffness
  • Strength
  • Impact resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • UV/Thermal stability
  • Rheology Flame control
  • X-ray opacity
MCC can provide complete offsite development projects. We also take designed products into pilot or full-scale production.

Midland Compount & Consulting’s model for advanced materials formulation development


First we establish a product’s initial feasibility, produce a test run, and then orchestrate full-scale production.


  • Dialog with Customer to set performance parameters
  • Screen initial formulations to determine compound feasibility
  • Fabricate and test formulation(s) to validate performance
  • Scale = 1 – 50 kilos


  • Scale work to run larger quantities for production trials
  • Establish steady-state process for compounding formulation
  • Scale = 50 – 500 kilos


  • Run full-scale quantities
  • Optimize throughput to determine final process controls and costs
  • Scale = greater than 500 kilos


Industries served:

  • Aerospace
  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Building and construction
  • Housing
  • Industrial materials
  • Marine
  • Office furniture

Key benefits:


  • Beautiful design
  • Optimized performance
  • Works at or below budget
  • Locally-owned business
  • Experienced

We specialize in helping innovation happen. Contact us to see how we can help your company innovate.